Former Maxim, Victoria’s Secret Model Claims She Visited Hell

Nicole Weider, a former model for Maxim and Victoria’s Secret, claimed in a 2017 video that she traveled to hell and back, an experience so frightening that she become a Christian.

In the video, Weider recalls feeling overcome with some sort of evil spirits inside a house, running out into a Los Angeles street and having what sounds like an emotional breakdown.

Weider said she was screamed and had visions, and was subsequently taken to a hospital, where she told the staff that Satan was going to kill them.

Weider claimed that she became very thirsty, and after she was given some milk (possibly with medication?), she took her harrowing trip to hell with Satan.

Weider recalled that hell is somewhere under the earth, that she was trapped in a coffin and traveled to the lower levels of hell.

Weider insisted that when people go to hell “there is no turning back” and that “once you are there you can never come back.”

Weider said she “saw and heard so many people screaming and yelling and moaning in hell,” which is a “real place of real fire and real suffering and real torment” for people who are not Christians.

But unlike those damned souls, Weider was given a way out of hell (violating her previous hell rule).

Weider recalled that she begged to God to forgive her sins, promised to become a Christian, returned back from hell, and woke up on a white (hospital?) bed.

The “hell” video and others are part of Weider’s Project inspired, which she says was “created to help empower girls.”

(Sources: Project Inspired/YouTube, Project Inspired)

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