Former Marine’s Documentary Shows Failed War In Afghanistan: Soldiers Smoke Pot, Defecate On Homes, Kill Innocent People

A new documentary by former U.S. Marine shows U.S. military troops “Marines smoking marijuana while on patrol in Afghanistan, defecating outside the homes of locals, swearing at children and talking lightly of killing innocent people,” notes Stars and Stripes.

Miles Lagoze worked as a combat cameramen for the Marines while he was deployed as a lance corporal in the Helmand province of Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment between 2011 and 2012.

Lagoze’s was ordered to shoot and edit a sanitized propaganda for private news networks and the American Forces Network. However, he took the unused clips and made a legitimate documentary.

Lagoze explained to Stars and Stripes why he did the documentary “Combat Obscura.”:

It’s important because if you worship the military too much, you lose track of why we’re actually at war and the underlying issues that are causing it.

Marine spokesman Maj. Brian Block said no discipline would be issued to the offending soldiers in the film:

The potentially criminal activity captured … is inexcusable and selfish and endangered the security of the Marines in that unit. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for pursuing disciplinary action has passed.

(Sources: Stars and Stripes, oscopelabs/YouTube)

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