Former CIA Agent Debunks Trump’s Promise To Deport ‘Millions’ Of Immigrants

Former CIA agent Phil Mudd debunked President Donald Trump’s promise on Twitter to deport “the millions of illegal aliens” who will be “removed as fast as they come in.”

Mudd explained on CNN how Trump’s promise would never happen:

You’re telling people that we’re going to arrest millions of people. Forget about the logistics of picking them up. Where are you going to house them? What are you going to feed them? You have to provide medical care for them, you have to provide treatment for women who might be giving birth when they’re in some sort of federal holding facility.

I think this is about the president saying we’re going to conduct an operation, maybe they pick up a few thousand people — a minor air gap between a few thousand and a few millions. This is about messaging, it’s not actually about a security operation. There’s no way you can pick up that number of people. No way.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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