Former Church Member: Celebrity Pastor Carl Lentz Had Affairs For Years, Church Leaders Knew and Did It Too

Carl Lentz, the former pastor of Hillsong Church in New York City, allegedly had affairs with churchgoers for years before being caught having a relationship with a woman, reported to be a Muslim named Ranin (pictured below).

Lentz was fired by Hillsong founder Brian Houston on Nov. 4. Lentz admitted on Instagram on Nov 5. that he had been “unfaithful” to Laura, his wife of 17 years (pictured below).

However, a woman, who was a leader at Hillsong Church for years, told The Sun that Lentz’s sexual affairs with women have been going on since at least 2017. She also said that church leaders knew and some participated in sexual affairs of their own:

My friend and I were leaders at the church so people came to us as their leaders about other transgressions with other leaders and pastors, including Carl. Women came to us and said Carl was sleeping around with people who were members of the church.

There have been many sexual transgressions at Hillsong NYC. We tried to address them in 2017 and we were told that we were spreading gossip. We still tried to go to the pastors about it and we were dismissed.

They knew exactly what we were saying… we weren’t threatening anything, just asking for answers. But leaders and pastors wouldn’t give us the time of day.

We heard Carl was sleeping with people and we tried to address it the proper way within leadership…and it was swept under the rug. Carl is not brave in my eyes. I’m frustrated with his apology. There’s been over three years of this, he just finally got caught.

(Source: The Sun, Photo Credits: Carl Lentz/Instagram, Ranin)

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