Focus On The Family Uses Hurricane Harvey To Ask For Donations For Focus On The Family

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, recently used the Hurricane Harvey disaster to ask for donations for its own political efforts.

Autumn Leva, the Director of Policy and Communications for the Family Policy Alliance, told viewers about three charitable churches in Texas that are now suing to get FEMA money.

She closed the segment by asking people to donate the Family Policy Alliance, which lobbies one behalf off Republican lawmakers and right wing political causes:

We know that you all are already actively engaged in praying for and supporting those who have been affected by the storms facing this country. But we’d also like to ask you to partner with us, Family Policy Alliance, and our network of state-based allies as we engage with your state’s lawmakers, making sure that we have strong religious freedom laws in your state so that churches and ministries can continue to live out their callings and serving those in need in your community, and so that churches and ministries in your state don’t have to sue federal government in order to be treated fairly under the law.

Host Stuart Shephard added: “If you’d like to make a donation, you can look at the top of our website or at the top of our Facebook page.”

(Source: Family Policy Alliance)

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