Focus On The Family Uses Charlottesville Tragedy To Push Anti-Abortion View

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, used the murder and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, to push its anti-abortion platform.

Eric Teetsel of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas told Stuart Shephard of Family Policy Alliance that the Bible — which supports slavery and the beating of slaves — opposes racism. Teetsel did not name any verses in the Bible against racism.

Shephard then switched the topic to abortion, and Teetsel claimed that anti-racist principles in the Bible also applied to abortion.

“We believe that unborn babies are worth protecting because they are created in the image of God,” Teetsel said. “Well, black people are created in the image of God. Asians, white people, Hispanics, every person is created in the image of God.”

Teetsel, who was Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s faith outreach director, has a long history of anti-gay activism, noted Right Wing Watch.

In 2015, Teetsel denounced the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, which he said “has bestowed its imprimatur to homosexuality as both an identity and a way of life.”

“A significant cultural impediment has been removed, and so sin will spread. This is regrettable because sin, of course, leads to suffering. As our LGBT neighbors continue to experience the ravages of their sin, will anyone be there to explain to them its cause?”

(Source: Family Policy Alliance, Right Wing Watch)

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