Focus On The Family Supports ‘Nashville Statement’

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, expressed its support for the Nashville Statement, a document signed by conservative Christians which slams Christians who accept LGBT people.

Paul Weber, president and CEO of Family Policy Alliance, didn’t mention that part of the Nashville Statement. Instead, Weber said the Nashville Statement was necessary because same-sex marriage was legalized by the U.S Supreme Court in 2015.

Weber claimed the same-sex ruling set the stage for state court battles in which Christian businesses refused to serve LGBT people. In reality, Many of those battles began long before the Supreme Court ruling.

Weber also complained about transgender students not being discriminated at school and President Donald Trump supposedly being “assaulted” for banning transgender servicemen and woman.

Weber claimed that all of this was predicted by the Family Policy Alliance, even though it was not.

Weber asserted that the nameless “media” was attacking those who support anti-LGBT policies, which he referred to as “God’s design for Biblical sexuality.”

Weber then called on viewers to sign the “Nashville Statement” and take it to their pastors.

Jonathan Merritt wrote in the Religion News Service:

An earmark of fundamentalism is marginalization. It is how the movement remains pure. Whenever someone disagrees or dissents, even if they themselves are not implicated in the “sin,” the person must be cut off and cast out. Article X of the Nashville Statement repeats this error by rejecting that Christians can “agree to disagree” on these matters.

Instead, the document asserts that “it is sinful to approve of homosexual immorality or transgenderism and that such an approval constitutes an essential departure from Christian faithfulness and witness.” In other words, if you hold to every doctrine in every Christian creed since Jesus’ resurrection but you disagree with the signers on this issue, you are no longer a faithful Christian.

The problem with these kinds of heavy-handed tactics is that they often backfire. And a case in point is the LGBT debate itself.

(Source: Family Policy Alliance, Religion News Service)

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