Focus On The Family: NFL Players Can Kneel If Businesses Can Discriminate Against Gays

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, asserted that if NFL players are allowed to kneel then Christian-owned businesses should be allowed to discriminate against gay people.

During a long rambling diatribe, host Stuart Shepard falsely claimed that President Donald Trump only suggested that NFL players could fire or suspend a protesting player.

In reality, Trump told the NFL owners to fire the players during a speech in Huntsville, Alabama on Sept. 22.

Shepard then tried to link the rights of protesting football players to Christian photographers, cake bakers and florists who refuse to serve gay people.

Shepard never mentioned once that the NFL players were protesting against police brutality against black people. A topic that is rarely, if ever, mentioned by the white-owned Focus on the Family.

(Source: Family Policy Alliance)

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