Focus On The Family Links Child Abuse To Homosexuality To Push Debunked “Ex-Gay” Therapy

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, sent an email to supporters asking for donations to fight state-level bills that ban bogus “ex-gay” therapy, also known as reparative therapy, for minors.

The Atlantic noted in 2015: “[T]he American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Organization, National Association of Social Workers, World Health Organization, and others—systematically repudiated these practices as harmful.”

As part of the money donation plea, Family Policy Alliance president Paul Weber tried to equate childhood sexual abuse to homosexuality in an effort to promote debunked “ex-gay” therapy, notes Right Wing Watch:

Childhood sexual abuse is common for those who struggle with homosexual feelings, temptations, orientation and identity…

But incredibly, there’s a movement under way in our nation to ban young people from receiving the same professional counseling that turned Jayson’s life around. State by state, “gay-rights” activists are pushing bills which mandate that counseling on sexual orientation be a one-way street — toward homosexuality.

If this dangerous scheme isn’t already the law in your state, an effort to pass it is coming soon. That’s why your Family Policy Alliance is gearing up in states across the nation to prevent this assault and to push back on states where it currently exists.

While the brazenness of this push is surprising, the energy behind it is not. After all, the homosexual movement has long had as its goals: tolerance, then forced acceptance and, ultimately, punishment to those who won’t embrace their agenda. These bans on therapy for minors are an attempt to force acceptance of homosexuality right into our own homes.

(Sources: The Atlantic, Right Wing Watch)

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