Focus On The Family: ‘Good People Who Love Our Country’ Voted Against Democrats

Focus on the Family’s political arm, the Family Policy Alliance, claimed that “good people who love our country and biblical values just kept working. In the spirit of Daniel, they stood firm and took action.”

The Family Policy Alliance raved about anti-health care Republican candidates joining the U.S. Senate, such as Kevin Cramer who defeated Democrat Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, and Josh Hawley who defeated Democrat Joe Donnelly in Indiana.

The Family Policy Alliance noted that four lawmakers — who dared to vote against alleged sexual assault perpetrator Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court — were defeated.

The Christian activist group bragged that the “Family Policy Alliance of Georgia played a key role in an effort to defeat Stacey Abrams…”

In reality, the race for the Georgia governor has not been officially determined because not all of the votes have been counted.

Republican Brian Kemp, who is supported by Family Policy Alliance, “moved more than 50,000 voters to ‘pending’ status because their registration forms did not precisely match personal information on government databases,” notes The New York Times.

(Source: Family Policy Alliance, The New York Times)



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