Focus On the Family: Founding Fathers Helped Stop Slavery By Not Mentioning Slavery

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, claimed on Aug. 17 that the Founding Fathers actually helped stop slavery by not mentioning slavery in the U.S. Constitution.

Stuart Shepard of Family Policy Alliance wrote that by not mentioning slavery the Founders “left open a door for the end of the slave trade in this very new United States of America.”

Shepard chirped: “And, sure enough, about 75 years later, it was done.”

As proof, Shepard noted that President Lincoln and Congress passed the 13th Amendment banning the slavery.

Shepard failed to mention that slaves were not set free in the South until after the Civil War, which took the lives of half a million Americans.

Instead, Shepard heaped more praise on the Founders:

That path was made easier, thanks to the foresight of the Founders. Many of them knew slavery was wrong, but they also knew they couldn’t change it in their lifetimes. So, they left open a door for when the time was right, when the nation was ready.

Shepard presented no evidence that the Founders “couldn’t change it in their lifetimes.”

In reality, more than half the Founders chose to be slave owners, noted the Encyclopedia Britannica, another historical fact not mentioned by Shepard.

Instead, Shepard added more praise on the Founders who “brilliantly wove biblical truth into the framework of a nation.”

As a matter of record, the Bible endorses slavery on many occasions.

(Source: Family Policy Alliance, Encyclopedia Britannica / Photo Credit: Stuart Shepard/Twitter)

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