Focus On The Family Demonizes Public Schools To Get Tax Money For Christian Schools

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, demonized public schools (“the government”) to promote the idea of spending tax money on private schools, including Christian schools, instead of public schools.

Paul Weber and Stuart Shepard began their segment by claiming that parents know more about education than the government. After establishing their fallacy, they pushed the idea that tax dollars should “follow the student” to whatever school the student goes to, including college.

Weber lamented that students in California and were not able spend taxpayer money on “private Christian college and universities” because those schools “tailored their academics to a sexual ethic that aligns with Christian values.”

It’s not clear how tailoring academics per sexual ethics actually improves anyone’s education.

Weber insisted that tax dollars should be controlled by the student’s choice of school, not by the government, which essentially places minors in control of the U.S. educational system.

Weber also complained about professional licensing boards having requirements, and called for people not to be denied licenses due to “their conscience and dictates of faith.”

Weber blamed the “left,” whom he did not identify, for clamping down on educational freedom, but gave no actual examples of this clamping down.

(Source: Family Policy Alliance)

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