Florida Woman Calls 911 After Toddler Overdoses On Pills For Second Time

Jeanette Homan called 911 after a 19-month-old toddler overdosed on opioids — the infant’s second overdose in three months — on Jan. 11 in North Palm Beach, Florida.

Homan, who is the toddler’s caregiver, also asked for no-contact order against a man who allegedly took her car, notes the Palm Beach Post.


During the 911 call, dispatchers had to steer the conversation back to the toddler as Homan wanted to talk about the man: 

Listen to him. Listen to him. Everything else isn’t important right now.

Homan described the situation to the 911 operator after the toddler ingested the narcotic pain-reliever buprenorphine:

I don’t know how much she got but she’s, like, nodding out and stuff, so apparently she got some of it.

Homan told 911 dispatchers that the man threw her pain medication, causing it to spill, and drove off. Homan claimed she’d cleaned up the pills, but noticed about half of one broken on the ground.

However, Homan changed her story at the hospital that the toddler was taken to. Human reportedly told sheriff’s deputies that she may have dropped a pill or two, and the man hadn’t spilled the pills.

Rescue crews used multiple doses of Narcan to revive the toddler.

Homan was arrested on multiple child-neglect and perjury charges for allegedly lying to 911 dispatchers about how the toddler got the opioid. 



(Source: Palm Beach Post)

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