Florida Trapper Captures 18-Foot Python To Help Natural Ecosystem, Snake Is Executed

John Hammond, a Florida wildlife trapper, caught a 150-pound python in the Florida Everglades to help the natural ecosystem, which includes pythons.

Hammond explained the logic of the Python Elimination Program to WOFL:

They’ve eaten-up the marsh rabbits, the small mice and stuff, and everything that normally eats them is impacted because they can’t. The food chain is not there anymore.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife executed the 18-foot long python, while Hammond bragged about his catch:

Ran down, grabbed it by the head. When I did that, it constricted me from the waist-down, which was the plan.
The snake bags were too small. I had a tent bag in the truck. I coaxed it into the tent bag, and then the tent bag into a gang box.

Everglades trappers earn $8.25 an hour looking for pythons, $50 for any python up to four feet long -and $25 for every foot longer than that. Hammond made $50 for catching the pythpon.’s case, the snake brought him $450.

(Source: WOFL)

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