Florida Teen Yells N-Word & Fires BB Gun While Driving

A Chiles High School student in Tallahassee, Florida, was caught on video firing a BB gun and yelling the N-word while driving.

Chiles High School principal Joe Burgess told WCTV that he addressed the racist incident with the student and his family.

Burgess said that ultimately the teen’s off-campus behavior is a  civil matter:

You know, if you have enough students and enough people you have things happen…

Unfortunately there is a tough lesson that they are going to have to learn from this that I don’t think any lesson like that they would have got from school.

Burgess claims that students are safe at his school, which is no different than any other:

Things are never going to be perfect, as a school we are imperfect people. We strive to be perfect, but we are imperfect people.

(Sources: Shaun King/Twitter, WCTV)

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