Florida Sheriff Brags About Militarized Narcotics Raid, Turns Out To Be Low-Level Young Pot Users

Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels filmed the aftermath of a SWAT raid that included his militarized police force and masked officers raiding a home for opioids and narcotics in Orange Park, Florida, in January.

The video, “Operation: You Were Warned,” went viral with 3.4 million views on Facebook.

Daniels bragged on camera how tough he was on crime: “Fifteen going to jail, three big gulps.”

However, the drug seizures from this “narcotics house” did not include opioids.

The Appeal notes sheriff’s office documents said 34.8 grams of marijuana, and a small amount of cocaine, were found in the house. 

Clay County Sgt. Keith Smith said deputies found what they thought to be 1.2 grams of heroin and fentanyl after an initial field test, but subsequent tests revealed that was not true.

A former Clay County deputy wasn’t surprised the raid did not turn up opioids: “Of course they didn’t, there never was any.”

The former deputy said there were “false drug findings on site happen all the time.”

The former deputy called the raid “a damn joke,” and had harsh words for Sheriff Daniels who brags about his raids:

He’s creating a self-aggrandizing mythology. It’s all choreographed—such a chicken sh*t bust, instead of the MRAPs [military vehicles] and a SWAT team, they could have used two deputies for that.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office refused to answer questions about issuing public corrections about the initial arrest figures and drug seizures posted on Facebook.

The department also refused to comment about filming the aftermath and about their use of militarized armored vehicles.

(Sources: Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Florida/Facebook, The Appeal)

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