Florida School Cop Arrested After Grabbing Girl By Neck, Slamming Her Into Floor

Deputy Willard Miller was charged with child abuse after a surveillance video reportedly filmed him slamming a 15-year-old female student to the floor at Cross Creek School in Pompano Beach, Florida, on Sept. 25.

CNN reports that Miller turned himself into the Broward County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 4:

The video, which does not include audio, shows a girl walking around a room with her hands in her pockets as a school officer stands and two other people sit nearby. The officer is using his phone and at some point the girl taps the back of his leg with one of her feet; his knees sag.

He turns toward her and a conversation apparently ensues.One minute later, the officer walks over to the student, grabs her by the head and neck area, and throws her to the ground.The deputy rolls the student onto her stomach and puts her hands behind her back. About 30 seconds later, he yanks her onto her feet and pushes her into a side room, causing her to hit the wall, the police report says.

(Source: CNN)

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