Florida Probation Officer Goes On Racist Rant

DeSoto County, Florida probation officer was filmed going on a racist rant on Oct. 14.

An anonymous man, who filmed the probation officer, told KGUN: “I had to get it on tape because it was outrageous. I couldn’t believe the stuff she was saying. She started cursing and telling us we couldn’t be there.”

The man was helping his dad, a FEMA contractor, clean up debris when the probation officer ordered them to move their trucks from a narrow road.

“She proceeded to call us names like F-ing Mexicans,” the man recalled. “We’re just trying to clean up her street. Its completely demoralizing.”

The Florida Department of Corrections identified the probation officer as Tracy Keen:

The actions of this individual are distasteful and uncalled for. Her behavior is in no way a reflection of the hundreds of probation officers around the state that work diligently to serve and protect Florida’s communities every day. The Department is thoroughly reviewing this incident and will determine the appropriate action.

(Source: KGUN)

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