Florida Police Use Taser On Veteran Over Half A Gram Of Marijuana

Corey Bracken, a Navy veteran, was based by police in Jasper City, Florida, over half a gram of marijuana.

Police body camera video shows Bracken eating lunch in his van when the cops approach and demand he get out of the vehicle, notes The Free Thought Project.

Bracken asked to speak to a supervisor and began filming with his cell phone. The officers screamed at Bracken to get out of his van, tried to take his cell phone and threatened to use a Taser on him.

Bracken reached for his walking cane, and the officers escalated the situation and used a Taser on him.

Police pulled Bracken out of the van and forced him on the ground.

The cops searched the van and found half of a gram of cannabis, which Bracken said he used his chronic pain.

Bracken and charged him with felony resisting arrest with violence, and possession of cannabis and paraphernalia.

Bracken was locked up in jail for five days in jail where he was allegedly mistreated by abusive guards.

Bracken said his car was impounded, which will cost $1,000 to get it back. Bracken holds a medical marijuana card from Oregon.

Bracken told The Free Thought Project that after prosecutors reviewed the police body camera footage, they dropped all charges.

Bracken recalled that he was panhandling at a nearby gas station, but left when asked to. Bracken said he went to a convenience store and was enjoying his meal when police arrived.

(Source: The Free Thought Project)

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