Florida Pastor Says COVID-19 Safety Mask is Biblically ‘Wrong’ Because It Interferes With Ability To Pray

Rev. Joel Tillis and state Rep. Anthony Sabatini filed a lawsuit against the Manatee County government in Florida on July 3 for requiring COVID-19 safety masks while the deadly COVID-19 virus infects over 5,000 Floridians per day, noted the Herald-Tribune.

Tillis and Sabatini led a protest of about a hundred people outside the Manatee County courthouse.

Tillis, who heads the Suncoast Baptist Church, made the false clam that the mask requirement interferes with the ability to pray, reports the Bradenton Herald:

The resolution is wrong legally. The resolution is wrong biblically. The resolution is wrong medically. The resolution is wrong, and we do not accept it under any circumstances.

(Sources: Bradenton Herald, Herald-Tribune)

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