Florida Officer Punches Boy, 14, Will Not Be Charged

The Broward State Attorney’s Office in Florida says former detention center officer Darell Bryant “was justified” for hitting 14-year-old Andrew Ostrovsky on Feb. 12, 2017.

The incident happened at the Broward Regional Juvenile Detention Center because the teen allegedly became “combative” with the staff.

A surveillance video shows Bryant grab Andrew by his arm and then slam him to the floor. Bryant claimed Andrew resisted and so Bryant punched him in the face, notes The Miami Herald.

Andrew was charged for joyriding in his father’s van in January 2017. 

Bryant said Andrew tried to fight another juvenile, and became “combative” when staff members tried to intervene.

Andrew allegedly did not comply when officers told him to stand against a wall and “calm down.”

Bryant claimed that Andrew punched him, so Bryant “redirected” Andrew to the ground.

Prosecutors did not interview Andrew but concluded that Bryant was allowed to punch the boy under Florida law:

Based upon Bryant being an authority figure at the facility whose mandate is to control the juvenile detainees, when certain situations arise, for instance when one detainee is attempting to attack another, an employee must utilize force to gain compliance.

(Source: Miami Herald)

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