Florida Mom Took Daughter to COVID-19 Party at Church, She Dies, Mom is ‘Comforted That She is Pain Free’: Report

UPDATE: Buzzfeed News reports that the First Assembly of God church “attacked ‘the media’ for reporting that they had hosted a ‘COVID-19 party’ — the wording used by Jones in her original blog post — writing, ‘those allegations are absolutely false and are based upon irresponsible speculation and inaccurate information.’ Soon after posting the statement, the church deleted their Facebook profile.”

“Although the First Youth Church’s Facebook page has been deleted, all of its posts were cross-posted to the church’s page on the website LocalPrayers.com.”

This archive shows that four days after the event, Pastor Dusty Zarick posted a video to the First Youth Church page warning the community that families who attended the event were experiencing coronavirus symptoms and subsequently all events would be canceled for the next two weeks.”


The Fort Myers News-Press reports that 17-year-old Carsyn Davis died from COVID-19 on June 23 in Fort Myers, Florida.

Carsyn had an autoimmune disorder, which made her especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

Her mother, Carole Brunton Davis, said: “We are incredibly saddened by her passing at this young age, but are comforted that she is pain free.”

Former Florida data scientist Rebekah Jones said on her website FloridaCovidVictims.com that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated on the public Medical Examiner’s report that Carole took Carsyn to a “COVID-19” party with more than 100 unmasked children at the Youth Church at First Assembly of God on June 10.

Jones noted that Carol gave Carsyn azithromycin, an antibiotic drug with no known benefits for fighting COVID-19, for several days.

Carol reportedly said her daughter “looked gray” on June 19, so Carol put Carsyn on her grandfather’s oxygen machine, which didn’t help either.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement noted that Carol started giving Carsyn hydroxychloroquine, a non-proven drug that President Donald Trump claimed was a “cure.”

Jones reported that Carol took Carsyn to the Pediatric ICU, but Carsyn couldn’t breathe on her own, but Carol would not allow intubation (a breathing tube machine that pumps oxygen into the body).

Carsyn reportedly spent her 17th birthday on plasma therapy, unable to breathe without coughing.

According to Jones, Carsyn was ordered to be intubated on June 22, but it was too late and she died on June 23.

(Sources: Fort Myers News-Press, FloridaCovidVictims.com, Buzzfeed News, Photo Credit: Davis family)

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