Florida Inmate Secretly Films A Full Documentary Showing Disgusting Prison Conditions, Drug Manufacturing, Deaths

A 34-year-old convicted drug trafficker, Scott Whitney, hid a tiny contraband cameras inside oversize eyeglasses and a hollowed-out Bible to film the horrible conditions at the Martin Correctional Institution in Florida.

Whitney, who entered prison in 2012, used the shocking footage to create a full documentary “Behind Tha Barb Wire.” Whitney was able to secure releases from the prisoners who are filmed, and has his own film production company..

The video was smuggled out of the prison and given to the Miami Herald:

Whitney filmed men brawling or ready to swing locks at each other, inmates passed out on synthetic drugs, mold covering the walls of the kitchen like a coat of dark paint, easily accessible drugs smoked in plain view, makeshift knives traded for a few dollars’ worth of food and other scenes from daily life in a Florida prison.

The Florida Department of Corrections has gone to serious lengths, spending taxpayer money in court, to prevent the Miami Herald and other news organizations from accessing footage from prison surveillance cameras.

It has claimed the release of those images would jeopardize security by revealing the layout of a compound and the location of cameras. The fact that a prisoner could record scores of hours of video — right under the noses of corrections officers and for four years — is astonishing.

(Source: Miami Herald via Archive.org, Scott Whitney)

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