Florida High School Security Guard Pretends To Shoot At Students

A security guard was filmed pretending to shoot students while standing on the roof of Ronald Reagan High School in Doral, Florida.

The  security guard appeared to gesture with his arms as if he were aiming a gun at the students below.

A cellphone video of the incident was posted by a student on Snapchat where it spread quickly, sparking outrage among parents.

One parent told told WSVN: 

Our kids don’t need to be around that. The security is supposed to protect and make my kids feel safe, and to be acting like they have guns shooting down at them, I mean, it’s not something they would feel safe about. They’re concerned.

Miami-Dade School officials told the news station that the video was filmed weeks ago, but was recently brought to their attention:

The employee has been removed from the school and will not be returning pending the outcome of an investigation. Because the employee’s actions demonstrated a serious lack of judgment, the outcome of the investigation could result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

“He wasn’t a bad security guard but I don’t know what would make him do that,” Urena said.

The school system is investigating the incident.

(Source: WSVN)

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