Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Says ‘The Trend is Much Better’ as COVID-19 Hospitalizations Hit New Record

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed “the trend is much better today” while COVID-19 hospitalizations reached a new record in the Sunshine State, according to the Florida Department of Health.

DeSantis — who has a history of false coronavirus claims — made his absurd claim on the same day Florida reported 9,440 new coronavirus cases and 134 deaths, notes the Orlando Sentinel:

I think the trend is much better today than it was two weeks ago. We’re going to be able to get through it… We’re not there yet.

Kaiser Family Foundation state health reform director Jennifer Tolbert debunked DeSantis’ latest false claim to the Tampa Bay Times:

As long as the cases continue at this current rate, you know things will continue to move in the wrong direction and we will most likely see hospitalizations and deaths increase…

The problem is when you have so many younger people with the virus, they are inevitably spreading it to these older individuals

The Covid Tracking Project reports that hospitalizations are reaching near record-high levels around the U.S., while Vox notes a Houston, Texas hospital had to change six surgical units into coronavirus care units.

Johns Hopkins University notes Florida’s average positive rate of new COVID-19 tests is a staggering 19 percent.

(Sources: Orlando Sentinel, Tampa Bay Times, Covid Tracking Project, Vox, Johns Hopkins University)

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