Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Accused of Cooking the Books, Again, As Florida Reports Massive Single-Day Increase In COVID-19

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been accused of cooking the books, again, as the Florida Department of Health reported 8,942 cases coronavirus cases, the highest single-day jump, which raises the total to 122,960 cases, notes WTSP (VIDEO BELOW).

DeSantis bragged on May 20 about how low Florida’s COVID-19 numbers were in comparison to New York, but his victory lap turned into a public embarrassment.

Rebekah Jones, who was reportedly fired from Florida’s official Covid-19 database in May for refusing to manipulate its figures, claimed on Twitter to have evidence that employees at Florida’s department of health were told to fudge the numbers:

Jones has started her own website, FloridaCOVIDAction.com, which shows a higher case total and a lower number of people tested than data published by the state.

The Washington Post reports that Jones’ website counted 75,897 people with coronavirus infections in Florida on June 12, while the state site had 70,971.

DeSantis, a Trump loyalist who has refused to slow Florida’s reopening or force people to wear safety masks, dodged gthe question when reporter from the Miami Herald asked him about it: “You guys have been on the conspiracy bandwagon for months. You need to move on.

In response to the skyrocketing numbers, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is suspending the on-premises consumption of alcohol at all bars, reports WESH.

(Sources: WESH, WTSP, Florida Department of Health, Rebekah Jones/Twitter, Miami Herald, The Washington Post, FloridaCOVIDAction.com, Arcgis.com, TheRecount/Twitter)

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