Florida Deputy Slams High School Student To Floor, School Goes On Lockdown

A Volusia County Sheriff’s deputy was filmed slamming a student to the floor at Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange, Florida, on Feb. 9.

Freshman Javon Bell filmed the incident and posted it on social media where the footage went viral.

Bell told WKMG: “The deputy grabbed him by his neck and slammed him on the ground.”

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office claimed the student had thrown his backpack on the ground, was agitated and threatening to harm the school staff when the deputy approached him.

The Sheriff’s Office said the student faced a deputy and lifted his arms in a fighting stance when the second deputy threw him to the floor.

Parent Jessica Bell disapproved of the force used: 

Unnecessary force used in that and that definitely has to be addressed. It has to be some other way to resolve an issue like that besides slamming a child.

The deputy called the Port Orange police, and the school basically went into lockdown mode.

Student Richard Ballard told WKMG:

It was very crazy because all of the students were like going crazy over it, because everyone knows him because he’s pretty popular around school.

The student in the video and two other students have bene criminally charged.

(Source: WKMG)

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