Florida Dad Tells CNN He Refuses To Evacuate His Family From Hurricane Irma

CNN reporter John Berman interviewed a dad, Scott Abraham, in Miami Beach, Florida, who said that he was not evacuating his family as the mayor and Florida Governor Rick Scott have said to do.

Abraham stood next to his four-year-old son and explained his non-logical reason for staying in Miami Beach during Hurricane Irma:

I have been here 15 years and been through so many storms. We have been told so many times to evacuate but, I feel like same kind of situation. I don’t think it’s going to hit us directly.

If it does, I think we’re pretty safe. We have food. We have supplies. We have everything we need. We live on the 11th floor. I think we’re okay to stay here.

Berman explained to Abraham what meteorological experts have said, but Abraham said the roads were full.

Berman debunked that false claim, and told Abraham how there were clear roads heading north.

“I guess I would reconsider if I talk to my wife and see what she wants to do,” Abraham countered. “Otherwise, we are ready to rock ‘n’ roll with the storm.”

Berman told Abraham that they may be cut off for days, but Abraham insisted his family would be fine.

Abraham’s son, Alexander, explained that he was not afraid of the storm that has already killed people in the Caribbean.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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