Florida Cops Pile On Mentally Disabled Man, He Ends Up In Coma

Police piled on top of a disabled man, who ended up on a coma, in Sarasota, Florida during a traffic stop on Feb. 17.

Witnesses told officers that 40-year-old Govinda Howell is handicapped, notes WWSB.

Howell’s family says he suffers from a mental disorder and was unable to comply with police because he was scared and unaware of what was happening.

Jason Bradley, a witness, says were police hitting and choking Howell:

You can hear me on there saying, “The guy is handicapped, the guy is handicapped.” So from there on the cops ended up grabbing him, throwing him to the ground. I saw physical blows with six guys on one guy, punching him.

Gilda Williams, woman who raised Howell, says he’s now in a coma at the ICU:

It’s about that boy’s life. I’m not standing here for any money. I’m standing up for him, that he gets better. I hope he wakes up; I hope he opens his eyes. That’s what I want.

Police say they launched a formal internal affairs investigation after concerns were raised by the community.

(Source: WWSB)

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