Florida Cops Criticized For Rough Takedown Of Black Teens

Police were filmed using rough takedowns on some black teens outside a McDonalds near JP Taravella High School in Tamarac, Florida on April 18.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call about a fight that was planned outside the McDonald’s, notes WSVN.

One deputy was filmed pepper spraying a 15-year-old boy, body-slamming the teen, smashing the teen’s head into the pavement and punching the teen in the head.

Jordan Payne, a witness, told WSVN that the deputy went too far:

Is that a fair way to treat a 13, 14-year-old, however old he may be? That’s a grown man. You can’t treat a little kid like that. Come on, now. Punching him while he’s on the floor? At that point, you already had him detained. Why go further?

The deputy claimed he stepped back in a defensive manner and, feared he was going to get struck, but he struck the teen first with the pepper spray.

The teen’s attorney Richard Della Fer was outraged:

This family is very upset as to what happened to him, and to see this video all over the TV and to see how he was treated. The young boy, we’re gonna get him out of custody, and we’re gonna see what he needs medically.

I think it was outrageous. I think anybody in this community who looks at this video would say the same thing. The judge correctly noted that this young man did not commit an aggravated assault on an officer.

(Source: WSVN)

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