Florida Cops Beat Unarmed Mentally Ill Man, Bystanders Try To Intervene

Two Hallandale, Florida, police officers were suspended without pay after they were filmed beating an unarmed mentally ill man with their batons on May 30.

The Hallandale Police Department identified the officers as Jaime Cerna and Richard Allen, and the mentally Ill man as Daniel James Dunkelberger.

One witness recalled the beating to WPLG: 

The first guy started with the handcuffs, hitting him in the back of the head. When he started screaming, they got the cuff on him. But as he got the cuffs on, the other guy is taking him and shooting him with the Taser, punching him around the car.

A second witness added:

Everybody started screaming, “Hey! Hey! Hey! What is going on? You don’t have to do that. He is already restrained.” And the guy is not forcing back, not fighting back or nothing. He is just saying, “What are you guys doing? I am going to get on the ground.”

A third witness, Twitter user 1, filmed the incident and posted it on Twitter with a description:

The police report claims a man saw Dunkelberger reach into his car and steal a cellphone and charger; the cops said they stunned Dunkelberger with a Taser as he tried to run away.

Dunkelberger was charged with burglary and resisting an officer without violence.

(Sources: WPLG, 1/Twitter)

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