Florida Cops Arrest Wrongfully Accused Man, Refuse To Listen

Police dash cam video has surfaced of cops arresting an innocent man who was wrongfully accused of breaking into a guest’s room at a Motel 6 in Venice, Florida on Dec. 21. 2018.

The hotel manager claimed that Ethan Waters, who was standing outside, had tried to break into a guest’s room., notes WWSB.

Without asking any questions, the police immediately arrested the 19-year-old man, threw hm against a wall and refused to tell him why he was being arrested.

Police charged Waters with resisting (false) arrest even though was a guest at the motel and not a burglar. Waters entered his room through the window because his roommate did not leave him a key.

The Venice Police Department said it is still investigating the four-month-old incident.

(Source: WWSB)

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