Florida Cop Tasers Teen On Bicycle Over Popping a Wheelie

Newly-released police body cam video shows Officer Peter Meier using a taser on a 19-year-old male who was popping wheelies on his bicycle in Orlando, Florida, back on May 5, 2019, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Orlando Police Department policy forbids cops from tasering people on bicycles “except in cases of aggressive resistance,” which did not seem to be the case in this incident.

Officer Meier wrote in his police report how he was trying to stop the teen and his friend: “Every time I got out of my patrol vehicle and pulled in front… to stop him, [he] and the two males would ride their bicycle[s] around my patrol vehicle and at times into traffic on West Oak Ridge Road.”

Officer Meier also wrote that he thought the teen “was about to get off his bike and flee further into the apartment complex on foot” and “flight on foot was imminent to escape or fight.”

The teen later told police he pedaled away because “I thought he was going to Tase me right there, so I just took off.”

Sgt. Luis Suero approved of Meier’s Taser use, but the police body cam video prompted Lt. Andre Tankovich to start an investigation, after he saw what he “believed to be a violation of the use of force policy,”

The teen was charged with resisting an officer without violence, but a judge withheld a conviction on a lesser traffic infraction of failing to obey a police officer.

(Source: Orlando Sentinel)

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