Florida Cop Assaults Handcuffed Woman, Keeps Job, Assaults Handcuffed Man: Report

Police officer Lester Brown was reportedly filmed by jail surveillance cameras in Homestead, Florida, hitting a handcuffed woman in September 2016, and a male prisoner in December 2018, notes WFOR.

Newly-surfaced jail video shows Brown shoving Jose Trinidad Garcia Alvarado’s into a wall causing him to bleed profusely.

Brown was charged this week with felony battery and official misconduct, and subsequently turned himself into authorities on Aug. 7, 2019.

Brown’s police union appointed defense attorney, C. Michael Cornely claims Brown was justified in slamming Garcia’s head into the wall because Garcia was being unruly and appeared as if he was about to attack Brown, which the video contradicts, reports the Miami Herald.

Brown wrote in his report that Garcia was poised “in an attempt to attack” and “fell forward” in hitting the wall, which contradicts the video.

(Sources: WFOR/YouTube, Miami Herald)

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