Florida Bounty Hunters Break Into Innocent Man’s House Over $750 Bond, No Warrant Required

Bounty hunters broke into an innocent man’s home and searched his house over a $750 bond in Miami Gardens, Florida on May 5.

The bounty hunters falsely claimed the occupants were “obstructing justice” when they refused to open their door to the home invasion.

The bounty hunters used a battering ram, stun guns and crow bars to break down two doors and search under mattresses in the home of Donald Colas, the Miami Herald.

One bounty hunter bragged that he was breaking into the home with a “new toy.”

Bail bonds collectors are licensed by Florida’s Department of Financial Services and empowered by Florida Administrative Code, and they do not have to use warrants like the police do.

Colas’ lawyer called the violent search a “state-sponsored home invasion.”

The bounty hunters were looking for Colas’ cousin who had not lived at the address for 20 years, and allegedly drove on a suspended license.

(Source: Miami Herald)

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