First Responders Talk Suicidal Man Down After Four Hours, But Praying Woman Gets The Credit

First responders spent more than four hours on May 5 talking a suicidal man down from a billboard in San Antonio, Texas, but it was a praying woman who received the credit from a local TV station.

KSAT did not name the first responders who talked the man down, but interviewed Grace Hernandez who said she felt compelled to pull over and pray:

What mother wants to be told that their son has committed suicide? I witnessed another (suicide) on Donella on Easter and I was coming from church and I called my pastor. I said “I can’t believe it,” and he said, “That’s why. That’s our mission — is to pray.”

Hernandez also prayed for the first responders, who were not named, again, by KSAT.

My prayer is not just for him. My prayer is for everyone that’s around this because you don’t know what could happen. I’m just grateful God heard my prayers.

Hernandez offered no proof that her prayers actually brought the man down, but she did manage scold other onlookers who reportedly cursed and took pictures of the suicidal man:

That was sad, because we don’t know what set him to do this.

Hernandez said “everyone should pray,” and pointed to the Bi bees she had in her car.

(Source: KSAT)

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