Firefighter Fired Over Racist Facebook Post, Blames Wife

A volunteer firefighter lost his job at the North Pulaski Fire Department in Arkansas because of a racist rant on Facebook.

The racist rant was posted on a Facebook account that belongs to the volunteer firefighter and his wife.

The rant went up after two black men were arrested and accused in the death of a Little Rock Air Force Base airman during a store robbery, notes KARK.

The firefighter told North Pulaski Fire Chief Randy Blakey that his wife actually wrote the Facebook post, which went as follows:

That’s good I’m glad he’s getting locked up that means less blacks in the community. I think the old school laws need to take place where hangings are made and the African American community is nothing but a joke.

Chief Blakey assured the community that the remaining firefighters are not racist: “We are here for everybody, it makes no difference about what they look like everybody is the same to us.”

Chief Blakey said the fire department’s Facebook page received so many messages and phone calls that they had to de-activate their page.

(Source: KARK)

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