Finland Is Ending Homelessness By Providing Homeless People Homes

While the U.S. continues to fail to provide a permanent solution to its growing homeless epidemic, Finland has practically ended homelessness.

As the U.S. spends millions upon millions of dollars imprisoning homeless people and criminalizing poverty, Finland provides homeless people with permanent homes.

The European Union homelessness organization FEANTSA published a report that says Finland’s homeless population drops year after year, notes indy100.

Finland’s program Housing First gives people a permanent home first, then solves the issues that resulted in their homelessness. 

This is a complete reversal of over a century of failed U.S. policy, which focuses on the problems homeless people have without solving the basic human need for shelter.




After housing a homeless individual, Finland assigns individual support to the homelsss person to help sort out the issues that led to the person becoming homeless.

The homeless people pay some rent and are given housing benefits by the government, but the goal is to help these people become functioning members of society who will eventually pay for the help they receive.

Juha Kaakinen, CEO of the Y-Foundation which provides apartments, explained why Finland’s policy works:

All this costs money, but there is ample evidence from many countries that shows it is always more cost-effective to aim to end homelessness instead of simply trying to manage it.

Investment in ending homelessness always pays back, to say nothing of the human and ethical reasons.

(Source: Indy100, Photo Credit: Sami C/Flickr)

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