Financial Reporter Explains How Trump Kept The Truth Hidden About His Fraudulent Wealth

Financial reporter Jonathan Greenberg told CNN how President Donald Trump lied about his wealth for decades by threatening magazines with lawsuits if they printed the truth about Trump was burning through cash and had trouble finding banks willing to lend him money.

The New York Times recently reported that Trump asked Deutsche Bank in Germany to lie about his wealth in his failed attempt to in 2014 to buy the Buffalo Bills football team.

Greenberg, who covered Trump while at Forbes in the 1980s, told CNN how Trump ran intimidation campaigns against journalists:

The editor that wrote… the first story to question whether [Trump] was failing before his bankruptcy was the subject of an investigation and of threats by Trump and bullying.

And the magazine backed down and changed its story and told them to say — instead of ‘Trump was worth below zero’ — that he had a net worth of $500 million. The reason they did it is because Trump was threatening to sue, and he was also threatening to expose [Forbes publisher] Malcolm Forbes with some sort of outrageous lie that Trump had concocted.

Truth is like kryptonite to Donald Trump and truth tellers are mortal enemies because they destroy his myth of success.

(Sources: The News York Times, CNN via YouTube)

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