Film Producers Behind Horrible ‘God’s Not Dead’ Want Movie Rights To Thai Cave Rescue

The Christian film company Pure Flix is in Chiang Rai, Thailand, trying to secure the rights to the Tham Luang  cave rescue of the Wild Boars youth soccer team and their coach (video below).

Pure Flix is best known for “God’s Not Dead,” a 2014 movie that was so horrible it had a 14 percent average rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film has spawned equally horrible sequels.

Michael Scott, managing partner of Pure Flix films, told AAP news: “I see this as a major Hollywood film with A-list stars.”

Scott and his co-producer Adam Smith have been doing interviews around the Tham Luang cave site.

Scott and Smith reportedly plan to get the exclusive rights to the stories of foreign rescuers, Thai Navy SEALS, the boys and their families.

Smith defended rushing to the area so soon:

There’s going to be other production companies coming in so we have to act pretty quickly.

Scott claimed they are not pressing people over the interviews: 

I’ve told them once this has died down let’s really sit down and have a more in-depth interview on what’s really happening.

This just kind of fit our DNA in terms of a really inspirational story.

It’s got incredible heart, incredible acts of heroism and bravery. It’s just an incredible thing and we think it will inspire millions around the world.

It’s not clear how the Thai story would be “inspirational” for the Christian film company as the team coach Ekapol Chanthawong kept the boys calm with Buddhist meditation, notes The Associated Press.

(Sources: AAP News via Stuff.Nz.coRotten Tomatoes, The Associated Press via The Washington Post, CBS News/YouTube)

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