Female Voters Argue Over Trump Presidency

A panel of all-women voters got into a heated argument on CNN over President Donald Trump’s first year in office.

The ladies argued over Trump’s infamous claim about grabbing women by their vaginas on the leaked “Access: Hollywood” tape.

Trump voter Daphne Goggins excused Trump’s behavior:

He’s a man!  I’ve heard way worse than that!

Trump voter Alice Butler Short claimed Trump’s boasting of grabbing women’s vaginas was taken out of context:

He talked about what was possible in the world of celebrity. President Trump — he never would have had to do that kind of thing. He’s not that kind of man!

Tangela Wagner-Edmond, a Trump voter who regrets supporting Trump, fired back:

Why is it that everyone that loves Donald Trump wants to make excuses for him? He’s the president and he’s supposed to be a role model.

Two Clinton supporters talked about how they have been mobilizing voters against Trump and flipping Republican seats to Democrats.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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