Female TV Anchor Yells At Man For Calling Her ‘Baby’

An Indian TV anchor, Sanjana Chowhan, yelled at political activist Suraj Pal Amu after he called her “baby” during an interview.

Amu told Chowhan: “Listen to me baby, listen to me.”

Chowhan fired back:

You will not call me baby. Do I make myself clear? Don’t call me baby. Do you understand? Do you understand? This is no way to speak to a woman. You call me baby? Who the hell are you?

Chowhan accused Amu of killing babies while calling her “baby.”

Amu’s group, Karni Sena, has reportedly participated in violent protests over a movie called “Padmaavat,” and allegedly attacked a school bus, notes Mediaite.com.

(Source: Mediaite.com)



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