Female Trump Fan Says Sexual Abuse Victims Should ‘Cross Their Legs And Quit Acting Like They Want Something’

“The Young Turks” correspondent Emma Vigeland asked some Trump supporters how they feel about the “Me Too” movement outside a Trump rally in Pennsylvania.

A male Trump supporter claimed — without any evidence — half of sexual harassment victims are political operatives paid by Democrats to smear men:

The women — half of them, I’m not saying all of them — but there’s some of them that are paid. Other ones, I’m sure, they’ve been abused, really, you can’t say no on that. But still, generally, it’s just a thing that Democrats want to do.

A female Trump supporter blamed the victims for getting harassed or raped:

I’ve said it for a long time: Women should button their blouse, cross their legs, and quit acting like they want something.

Vigeland asked another female Trump supporter how she felt about the multiple accusations of sexual crimes perpetrated by the president himself, but the woman did not care:

You don’t know what’s real, what’s not, and I don’t really care. Anything that guy did before he’s president is his business.

(Source: Rebel HQ/YouTube)

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