Female Sailor Shouts ‘F*ck Trump’ at Pro-Trump Protesters, They Try to Shame Her For Exercising Speech Rights

A female sailor, identified by officials as 2nd Class Sarah J. Dudrey, was filmed yelling, “F*ck Trump!” and “Fuck you! at a group of pro-Trump protesters outside the Ventura County Government Center in California on July 19.

The Trump demonstrators tried to shame Dudrey for exercising her First Amendment free speech rights: “Shame on you!” “Take the flag off your shoulder!” “You should be ashamed!” “Learn how to act in a f*cking uniform, you f*cking piece of sh*t!”

Dudrey responded to their fascist-like remarks by giving the crowd double middle fingers.

Navy spokeswoman Melinda Larson told the Navy Times that Dudrey is being investigated: “The Navy is a proponent of free speech and active-duty members are free to participate in protests during their off-duty time. However, Navy members are not authorized to wear military uniforms while engaging in protests and voicing personal opinions.”

(Sources: Navy Times, Military Times/YouTube)

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