Female Roy Moore Official Sends Out Memo On How To Discredit Sex Abuse Accusers

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore’s  deputy campaign manager Hannah Ford reportedly sent out a memo to staff and volunteers showing them how to discredit six women who have accused Moore of sexual misconduct when they were teens.

Ford writes in the email: “We have prepared a primer that lists the ‘fake news’ put out by four women followed by some of the evidence and responses that has been uncovered and that show the claims to be entirely false,” notes Vox.

Ford’s “evidence” against the women consisted of the Moore campaign’s denials, links to Breitbart News (run by Moore supporter Steve Cannon), disputes with small details such as where dumpsters are situated and attacks on the characters of the women.

Ford wrote that Leigh Corfman, a Moore accuser who was 14, had “disciplinary and behavioral” problems at the time.

Ford’s memo also claims Beverly Nelson “didn’t even tell her then-boyfriend who picked her up shortly after the supposed assault,” and that her lawyer Gloria Allred is a “radical feminist.”

Ford ‘s memo also asserts that Tina Johnson, who accused Moore of groping her in a law office, “has pled guilty to writing bad checks and third-degree theft of property.”

(Source: Vox, Photo Credit: Judge Roy Moore/Twitter)

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