Female Passenger: Lyft Driver Had Mental Breakdown On Ride, Police Called

A female passenger recently described her horrifying Lyft ride with a driver who had a mental breakdown in Sacramento, California.

Christie Gomez told KOVR how she took a Lyft ride from Woodland to pick up her husband from a hospital in Sacramento, 25 miles away:

Honestly it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever went through in my life. The real first sign was once we got on the freeway he literally started crying, but it was crying and then laughing at the same time.

Gomez said the driver took his hands off the wheel, covered his eyes and told her to direct his driving:

(He was saying) “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t go through like this anymore.”

Gomez convinced the driver to pull over at a shopping center by claiming she had to go to the bathroom, but she fled to a nearby Starbucks instead.

Sacramento Police said they found the driver locked in a gas station bathroom, covering himself in soap and trying to bite.

Gomez received a full refund from Lyft for her trip from hell.

(Source: KOVR)

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