Female Fox News Host And Guest Blame ‘Media’ For Stormy Daniels, Defend Trump

“Fox & Friends” host Ainsley Earhardt and her guest Republican National Committee spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany went on angry rants about “the media” covering porn star Stormy Daniels whom they also bashed.

Earhardt whined that “the media just can’t get enough” of Daniels who told “60 Minutes” that she had sex with Donald Trump, while he was married to Melania, back in 2006.

Daniels also explained why Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid her $130,000 in October 2016 to keep quiet. She also recalled being threatened by a man in Las Vegas to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump.

McEnany, a self-proclaimed Christian, tried to paint Trump as a victim:

The media’s goal is to distract and destroy. If it’s not Stormy Daniels, it’s Russia collusion or the dossier — funded by Democrats. Their goal is to take down this president and distract from all his successes.

Earhardt, also a self-proclaimed Christian, used the old “what-about-Bill-Clinton” line to distract from the accusations about Trump.

Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov tried to explain to McEnany and Earhardt that the alleged Trump affair is different from Clinton because “it’s about hush money and intimidation.”

However, that logic was too much for McEnany who went into full meltdown mode:

These accusations are ridiculous! This individual, this woman said she signed false statements. She said that she told a mistruth to the public. She said she didn’t want her kids to find out and yet she’s out doing a huge “60 Minutes” interview. She has no credibility.

McEnany failed to mention that months before the “60 Minutes” interview, Daniels was out by The Wall Street Journal, The new York Times and The Washington Post.

McEnany desperately defended Trump in October 2016 after an “Access Hollywood” tape showed him bragging about grabbing women’s vaginas without consent, noted Media Matters.

Back on Fox News, Tarlov asked McEnany: “Kayleigh, do you think that the president slept with Stormy Daniels?”

McEnany insisted that Trump has been faithful to Melania because the Trump White House said so: “No! The White House has denied these allegations!”

Earhardt tried to pretend that Americans didn’t care about Daniels even though Daniels’ interview on “60 Minutes” scored a massive 22 million viewership, more than Trump’s interview that came in at 20 million:

Do you think America cares about this kind of stuff? Maybe our country for the good or for the bad has changed after Bill Clinton because this is a president that’s creating jobs, creating bonuses for individuals, putting people back to work.

Earhardt failed to mention the “bonuses” are temporary while Trump’s tax breaks for wealthy corporations are permanent.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, Media Matters)






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