Female Cop Is Fired After Filming Police Officer Abusing Man

Police body camera video shows  Cpl. Ken Ramkissoon cursing and harassing a man for sitting on a public bench in DeLand, Florida, on June 24.

Officers were investigating an unrelated trespassing call at a 7-Eleven.

Officer Allison Bainbridge’s body cam filmed Ramkissoon yelling profanities at the man:

Did I tell you to leave? Don’t raise your voice at me, because I’ll drop your a**. Did I tell you to leave?

Bainbridge filed a complaint about Ramkissoon who responded by filing a complaint about Bainbridge, specifically, “concerns about the manner in which Officer Bainbridge is performing her duties.”

Bainbridge said she subsequently fired:

They didn’t say anything about my performance until I filed this complaint [ about Ramkissoon.]

The DeLand Police Department refused to release the video to the public, but Bainbridg was able to release it to WFTV as part of her complaint. 

Bainbridge recalled Ramkissoon’s behavior:

I’ve been in law enforcement for eight years, and I’ve never been in an incident like this before. It shocked my conscience to see it.

Bainbridge started working for the DeLand Police Department in February and was on newby probationary status before she was fired.

A DeLand spokesperson released this statement:

We hold our officers to high standards. Ms. Bainbridge was a probationary employee and did not meet those standards and thus her services were no longer needed. We are aware of the allegation she has made against Corporal Ken Ramkissoon and an internal investigation was opened June 24 and has not been completed yet. Furthermore, her termination is not related to the ongoing investigation.

(Source: WFTV)

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