FedEx Has Secret Shipping Deal With NRA And Gun Companies: Report

A new report says FedEx has a secret deal with the NRA and gun manufacturers to ship guns in ways that get around FedEx’s 2018 Service Guide.

After refusing to end its discounts for NRA members, FedEx tried to distance itself from the NRA in a public statement:

FedEx has never provided any donation or sponsorship to the NRA which is one of hundreds of alliance and association participants that serve more than one million customers. 

FedEx also stated that “the NRA uses UPS and not FedEx” for shipping guns from the NRA online store.

However, ThinkProgress obtained a FedEx confidential document — from an anonymous FedEx employee — that says FedEx has secret shipping deals with gun manufacturers and the NRA:

FedEx’s public policy, like UPS’s, is that “[f]irearms must be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight service,” according to the company’s 2018 Service Guide, which also states that FedEx will not transport handguns via FedEx Ground.

But FedEx does not apply its public rules to everyone. According to the document, the company has struck a deal with dozens of major gun manufacturers and dealers in an effort to woo the industry away from competitors with lower cost shipping. The agreement, which has not been previously reported, shows how important the handgun shipment business is to FedEx.

“Some customers have been approved for an exception to ship firearms with a 2-day (AM or PM) service,” the document says. Those customers include 86 firearms manufacturers and dealers, including nearly every major company in the business, like Smith & Wesson, Colt, Glock, SIG Sauer, and the NRA itself.

The confidential policy allows these customers to ship guns at a much lower cost and has allowed FedEx to maintain its advantage in shipping guns. According to a source at FedEx, the exceptions to FedEx’s handgun policy started within the last five years in response to increased competition from UPS.

FedEx did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

(Sources: FedEx, ThinkProgress, FedEx/Twitter)

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