FBI Investigates ICE Shooting Of Undocumented Man In Tennessee

The FBI is investigating the shooting of an unnamed 39-year-old Mexican man by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent during a traffic stop outside the supermarket parking lot in Antioch, Tennessee on Sept. 5.

ICE agents were attempting to detain the undocumented immigrant in the parking lot where workers gather for a day’s work.

Brenda Pérez, a member of The MIX, a Nashville-based community organizing and immigrant rights group, told Democracy Now more details about the shooting:

When ICE agents approached three men in a vehicle, two of the men provided the IDs, and the third man, who was shot at, did not provide his identification. He knew he didn’t have to. The ICE agents were not presenting the correct paperwork. They were not presenting a warrant.

And at some point, the gentleman who was shot at was like moved into a box truck, and he decided to drive off. I think it’s a very intense situation, and we don’t know how we will react in this manner. So, he decided to drive off.

And when he drove off, the agent — in the video, you can see that he was like alongside the truck, kind of followed the truck and then extended his arm and shot at the truck. So, there was — so he was injured.

The man was injured. He had a bullet wound in the stomach and in his elbow. And he drove off, took refuge somewhere. We didn’t know where he was. There was a lot of concern in the community for his safety and his health.

Later on, through the support of his attorney and through conversations with the FBI, we were able to negotiate him surrendering himself at the local hospital and receive treatment.

He received like a surgery that evening, and he was able to communicate with his children and his family. And he has not been placed under arrest, and he’s not under anybody’s custody right now.

(Source: Democracy Now)

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